Spice 1, the best rapper on US charts

Earlier the life of Spice 1 does not started the way it is now. His name was Robert L. Green Carven. He was born in July 1970 at Corsicana Texas, USA. During his span of childhood, Robert’s mother decided to leave his father and she remarried with some other guy. In his early age, Robert aka Spice 1 started composing songs and rapping poems. Later when he grew little he grew a passion to peruse his career in this field. He did his schooling at Mt. Eden High School which is in Hayward, California. Also, there is no more information about his schooling or even if he had some additional education.

The time he started his career,

released the records under the label of Jive records and bagged 14th position. The genre of this track was gangsta and was highly appreciated by the listeners. Later he came up with Welcome which became a huge hit and was highly popular. This record is also marked as the best rapped song in the history of rapping. In the following years, Spice 1 changed his strategies and come up with new ideas and tracks which enlisted him as one of the best rappers known in the world.
He was also ranked at the Billboard 200 and got a well acclaimed position in their graph. At the famous Gala Ceremony he got a positive response from the viewers and the critics. His albums like 1990-Sick got acclaimed and were a huge hit and topped the charts. Some of his major collaborations come up with Method man, Celly Cel, Lynch Hung, 2Pac , Too $hort, Three etc. all are well known names in the world of rapping and the music industry.
Spice 1 is also found active at most of the social media platforms and actively uploads his activities.