Everything you need to know about fantasy cricket

Do you know about fantasy cricket ? If not, then this article is for you as it entails you about this online game in detail and why people love playing this game. But, before you readers move further too any conclusion let’s know about this game. It is a part of fantasy sports genre and played online where players can create their own cricket team of real players, where points are scored on the basis of player’s performance in their real-life performance. However, to win the game it is important for the players to attain maximum points and get the highest rank on the leader board.

Well, on the other hand, if we talk about dream 11 fantasy cricket, here you can choose your players and score high in their real-life performance. There are times when people think of making their own dream team where they should be the captain and play with the team. But, as we all know that it is not possible in real life. Therefore, a new and amazing opportunity is waiting for you where you can make your team and play.

About fantasy cricket matches
The matches here are based on blowing order and batting that are considered one of the debated parts of cricket strategy. If there is any small change in the blowing order can easily change the entire game. Well, the concept of dream 11 fantasy crickets includes selecting the 11 players as well as 3 substitutes who will play the match. There is no limit to player’s selections or budget caps. Their main aim is to score more than the opposite team so that you can easily win the match.
Fantasy cricket game is played in three forms like Twenty20, test matches and one day international, where one day international and twenty20 matches are often played in two formats that are rounds and daily games. Thus, you can score high with the player’s real-life performance.